Sunday, June 4, 2017

Our First Week in NJ

It has been a lovely week here in NJ. We arrived here on Tuesday afternoon, and soon the children and grandchildren gathered to welcome us back. We enjoyed pizzas and wineritas, and caught up on everyone's doings. The neighbors welcomed us, too, stopping us on the street to say hello.

On Wednesday, Bob and I went househunting with Catherine and Michael. They came close to buying a house a month or so ago, but something didn't feel right about it and so they wisely backed out of the deal. But this house felt just right to them, and their offer was accepted by the sellers. We are hoping that we can help move them in, but it might be after we leave in August.

We have had some problems with our Splendide washing machine; it stopped working, offering us an "H2O" code and an "F1" code as well. We put in a call to the repairman but the news was not good. Our washer needed a new motherboard, which would be quite expensive to replace. Fortunately, Camping World was running a sale on new Splendide washers, so off we drove to Swedesboro to pick up a new one. Bob and Jason wrestled the old one out and the new one in, and before too long we were able to wash clothes again. It's the little things that make us happy.

On Saturday, daughters Kristen and Emily, and daughter in law Bernie came over and we had a mother-daughter day. What fun! Catherine wasn't able to come but next time we'll make it happen. We started out in Haddonfield, where we ate brunch in The British Chip Shop, along with a troup of reenactors dressed as redcoats in the British army.

They burst into song at one point with a spirited rendition of "God Save the King." I enjoyed my Welsh Rarebit and had a spot of tea. Delightful!

We went into most of the shops in town before heading over to Collinswood to shop some more. We MIGHT have stopped to eat again once or twice, keeping up our strength to shop.

On Sunday, Bob made a prototype of a tabletop loom stand for my Ashford Knitters Looms. We will continue to perfect it, since setting it up and trying it out.

I'd like to be able to stand while weaving, in the hopes that it will be easier on my back. We shall see.

This week we will be busy with doctors' appointments and running errands.

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