Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Catching up With Blog Posts

One thing that I have learned this summer is that the longer I go between posting, the harder it is to make myself sit down and write! So I apologize for the long breaks between postings. As we prepare to get back on the road, I will be writing much more often.

GrandCamp session 4 with Jillian and Eve (four-year-old cousins) was a great success. Bob and I will admit, now that it is behind us, to a bit of trepidation in planning this session. Neither Eve nor Jillian have done overnights with us before, and we weren't sure if there would be separation issues. We are happy to report that we had no tears at all!

We had been watching the weather all week, with rain and excessive heat threatening. So when Saturday morning dawned with clouds but no actual rain forecast, we were indeed "happy campers!" The four of us headed off to Lake Atsion in Shamong Township for a day of play.

We played on the Jungle Gym...

...had a picnic under the trees... and went swimming! I took no photos of our swim time because there's pretty much no way to take pictures while holding a small child's hand in the water.

I think we tired them out pretty well, because they put themselves to bed early.

The next morning Bob and I gathered up our charges and headed off to Paws Farm in Mt Laurel, where they visited the animals and played.

We returned home for a quick lunch before Jillian left for home. Eve stayed a little longer so we had time to visit the Discovery Museum, using our reciprocal musem pass to get in free.

Eve and her Pop enjoyed broadcasting in the news studio while I ran the camera. There were so many children running around that the noise level was pretty high, and Bob and I were happy to leave after a couple of hours. Eve sure had fun, though!

Besides GrandCamp, Bob and I had a very nice lunch with his Cousin Mary, down at the shore. It's always fun hanging out with Mary, and we look forward to it every year.

My physical therapy sessions have been going well. I am being fitted with a knee brace to help me when doing a lot of walking and stair-climbing, but I've been very faithful with my home exercises and will be continuing after PT is finished this Friday.

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours planning out our trip to Iowa, on our way to the Dakotas. We have campgrounds all lined up for that leg of the journey, and next I'll make reservations for the travel after Iowa.

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