Monday, July 31, 2017

Getting Ready to Go

It took a couple of years before I stopped feeling the need to stock up on enough food to last us weeks. I grew up in Massachusetts, and in the winter it was not uncommon to be snowed in for days at a time. I got into the habit of keeping my pantry stocked in case weather kept me from shopping. It gave me a secure feeling to know that at any time I could feed my family for many days even if I was unable to go to the grocery store.

So when we started full timing in our RV, I had to overcome that attitude. We don't have enough pantry space for a lot of canned goods. And now, even though we have a large residential refrigerator, it tends to be packed with fresh fruits and vegetables. I stopped eating meat, dairy, and eggs this summer, but Bob still eats all that food, so our fridge is packed with foods to satisfy two ways of eating.

One of the joys of moving about the country is seeing local foods in the grocery store, and while I can't always find exactly what I'm used to buying, I can usually find something good. In Mission, TX I was unable to find parmesan cheese to make lasagna. Imagine that! But I did find quesadilla cheese, which is unheard of in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Today I went shopping and bought just enough for a few days. They will have grocery stores where we are heading, no matter where we are.

Bob and I spent today getting things done to get ready for our trip tomorrow. It's hard to believe that ten weeks have passed already. On Saturday we hung out with Bob's brothers, Bill and Tom, and their wives Brenda and Nancy. I took this photo of the brothers.

A handsome trio!

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