Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Update on Sale of House

Well, it has been 31 days since we listed our house for sale, and it is time to drop the price.  We have had a lot of nibbles but no bites, so hopefully this will entice a buyer.  We have hitch itch bad!

Our realtors Faith Bass and Yogi Garcia of Keller Williams are meeting with us this afternoon to update the contract.  It was worth a try at the higher price, but obviously more than people are willing to spend right now.  Let's sell this house!

I have to say, I feel like we are in a holding pattern, which affects my ambition to accomplish anything.  I did, however, just take this cloth off the loom.

It's a two harness weave, woven on my little Piccolo Saori floor loom.  I used carpet warp sett at 12 ends per inch (cloth is shown sideways.) I think it looks like little eyeglasses!  It's an interesting fabric, not typical plain weave because there are doubled warp and weft threads in the pattern.  Because of this, the cloth is a little thicker than usual with this yarn.  I do like the feel of this, and it should make nice face cloths.  Perhaps today I'll wash and dry the cloth one more time and finish it up. A good project for a summer day. 

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