Friday, August 29, 2014

Funfetti Cloth

I got tired of waiting for things to move on our house deal, so yesterday I started weaving some dish towels on my 20" Ashford Knitters Loom (AKL.) this is a sweet loom, and I have made a lot of towels on it.  This time, I used a variegated 8/2 cotton from WEBS, with a couple of warp stripes using a solid blue yarn that my friend Ellen T. had given me. I use a direct warping system that includes a raddle--if anyone wants more info on that, contact me and I will be happy to expand on that.

Anyway, I warped at 20 ends per inch using a 10 dent per inch reed, with two ends in each slot and hole.  To my weaving friends, don't bother putting 4 ends in each slot, then moving two ends to the holes--that just does not make sense! As you are direct warping just alternate slots and holes.  Unfortunately, the latest issue of Handwoven Magazine features RH towels on the cover and the author instructs you to move threads over. Gah!

Using the double sleying method I use just one thread for weft, even though doubled 
threads will rise and lower.  I have made tons of towels this way and I like the resulting fabric.  It is way easier than doubling weft threads. 

I like this fabric! I call it, "Funfetti" because it reminds me of the cake.  

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    1. Looking forward to seeing your finished piece on his blog... Happy labor day!