Thursday, February 23, 2017

You are Perfect

One of my granddaughters is on the autism spectrum. She's been on my mind lately because, at almost four years of age, she has been doing quite well. Jillian is a lovely little girl, who has been receiving specialized therapy since she was 18 months old.
When I call my daughter I can often hear Jillian talking in the background--it's such a joy to hear her speak!

If you have ever had a family member born with a disability, you will identify when I say I have spent some time wondering "why." And I received the answer this week. I heard the small voice of God say to me, "Jillian is perfect."

Perfect? That perplexed me at first, until I realized that my idea of perfection is different than God's. When I thought about it, I realized that none of us on earth is without some problem. Don't we all struggle with some physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual disability? But God calls Jillian perfect. He knew she would be autistic and yet she is perfect. 

I'm not saying perfection means without sin. That's something else and I'm not going to discuss that here. And I'm not saying we should not strive to be the very best we should be, to keep our minds sharp and our bodies healthy. 

But Jillian is perfect. 

And if she is, then so am I. 

And so is everyone I meet. For the first time in my 61 years, I can see God in everyone. I can see the perfect imperfections of other people. I see that our differences are what God cherishes in us. Which is why we don't all look the same, why we are different political parties, why we go to different churches (or don't go to church at all,) why we think differently. 

It's so easy to think that everyone should think just like we do. But God says we are perfect. Perfectly imperfect. How much easier it is to love my neighbor when I don't have to judge them. I don't have to try and change how they think. Because where there is love, God is free to work in their hearts.

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