Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Second Sweater Finished

Bob and I made our final trip to Los Algodones to get his new crown on Friday, and it went without a hitch. We had no line at all when we walked back through the border. Nice!

I've been working on another Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Surprise Jacket. I spent a couple of hours last week writing out the instructions line-by-line, so I had to test them. Interestingly, i used less yarn and yet the sweater came out a little bigger than the first one. It was a different yarn, though, Bernat Baby Sport. I'm sure the sweater will fit somebody, so it really doesn't matter what size it is.
Here are the two of them next to each other. The blue one looks like about a 9-month size.

On Sunday Bob and I went on a date night, for dinner and a movie. We ate at Da Boyz Italian Restaurant in Yuma, my favorite eatery in the area, and had salad and lasagna. It was so good! Afterwards we went to see Hidden Figures, a wonderful movie about African American "computers" at NASA. It was interesting to note that the term "computer" originally meant a person who did the complicated math needed in tech situations. And the story was enlightening and engrossing. If you get the chance, do go to see it.

I sewed up a couple of pillowcases yesterday. I have to say, that having my sewing machine with us has been a real joy. Years ago, when I got my first Viking sewing machine, I knew that if there had ever been a fire I'd have grabbed that first (after getting the family out, of course!)  I use my sewing machine so much, for mending and for creating small projects. Much more often than I thought I would, considering I don't see my clothes or quilt anymore. 

It's gradually warming up in Yuma, with highs expected in the upper 70s today but into the 90s by Thursday. Without the humidity we're familiar with in NJ, this heat is most pleasant.

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