Sunday, April 2, 2017

On the Road Again

We have left the park in Yuma where we've spent the last 4 months. Our last few days were filled with organizing and finishing up projects. I gave Auggie a trim and he now looks nice and neat. Here he is, mid-trim.

Yesterday we packed up, said goodbye to the friends we made and drove 18 miles across another park in Yuma. Why? Because the daily rate for where we've been staying is more than double the rate for Kofa Ko-op, an Escapee member park. We needed a place to spend a night before heading off to southern CA where we will have some repairs made to the coach.

While we were at Kofa, we met a neighbor who lived in Framingham, MA for many years. I grew up in Framingham and went to Framingham North High School. Our neighbor, Beryl, hadn't gone to school there but it was fun chatting about the area. She was also a quilter and crafter so we had lots to talk about. We may see her again when we pass back through the area on the way to Tucson.

Our trip to the repair place in CA was uneventful. The scenery kept changing, which made it all the more fun.

A few miles out of Yuma we passed the Imperial Dunes, an area with huge golden-white sand dunes. It reminded me of White Sands National Park in NM.

A couple of hours later we were passing the Salton Sea, which was formed after an earthquake shifted the course of the Colorado River. The area became a playground for the wealthy, but the Sea has been slowly shrinking ever since.

We saw miles of golden flowers....

...and snow appeared on the mountains. And we started to see grass!

This is the "Rusty Mammoth Statue", a landmark of the Jurupa Mountains Cultural Center.

We found the repair shop at the end of our trip and have settled in for the night. No hookups, but we have a full tank of water and enough battery power to make it through the night. I even have the bread maker going and a loaf of rye bread baking. It's nice to know that wherever we are, we are home.

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