Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bandelier National Monument

So what have we been up to, the last few days? Five days ago (last Thursday) we left the Bryce Canyon, Utah area and started to head east and south. We spent the night at Page Lake Powell Campground in Page, AZ, which was quite nice despite a one-hour time change that we ignored. We will have to return and spend a few days poking around in that area.

The next day we were in New Mexico again, and by Saturday we had landed in Santa Fe. There is so much to do here that it boggles the mind!

Mothers Day was lovely, with all four of my wonderful children calling me to wish me a happy day. That's all I needed for it to be wonderful!

On Monday Bob and I checked out a local antiques mall. We had a good time wandering through the aisles but managed to keep our money in our pockets. Good prices, though, and if we still had a house I would have come home with some treasures.

Today (Tuesday) we drove out to Bandelier National Monument to see some Pueblo cliff dwellings and to hike one of the trails. It was a lovely day for a hike. We poked along, feeling the elevation (over 7,000 feet) but not minding a slow pace.
Along the trail was a village with kivas, which are ceremonial rooms where teaching and ceremonies took place.
 The Pueblo Indians built homes in the mountains, too, carving rooms out of natural crevices created by wind and water.
 Some of the cliff dwellings could be entered via ladders.
We each climbed up to take a look inside.

This is a beautiful area and worthy of protection from the National Park Service. 

We are going to have a lot of fun in this area!

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