Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Red Canyon

Driving in to the Bryce Canyon area Bob and I passed a lovely area called Red Canyon in the Dixie National Forest. This canyon is located in Panguitch (pronounced "PANE-gwitch,") Utah. We decided it was an area worth exploring, so on Monday morning that's what we did.

We picked up a trail guide from the visitor's center and off we went, walking sticks in hand. This place was amazing and to think that we might have missed it!

Bob was in charge of following the map and reading about the area as we passed through it. Our little pamphlet told us about plants and rock formations. 
I am posing in front of a formation that we named "Snowman Hoodoo." 
Then we came to a fork in the path. One path went down and one climbed up to the cliff. We took the climbing path, seeing the footprints of others who had passed that way. 
We stopped at the top to survey all below its. What a view! Unfortunately, the trail ended here and we had to retrace our steps very gingerly down the cliff. We were pretty proud of ourselves for getting down without injury.
We had a message from a couple of RVillagers when we got back to the rig. Bob and Donna were in the area and we decided to meet for a late lunch/early dinner. It was so much fun to meet these full time RVers (and to pick their brains about solar panels and good places to visit.) They've been full
timing together for a lot longer than we have!  RVillage is a great way to meet people on the road.

I have finished weaving my roller towel, and am quite happy with the way it turned out. Details on on my Ravelry page here if you want to make one for yourself. It's a very practical towel for an RV because it won't slip off your towel rack, but that makes it practical for any kitchen, actually. Who wants a towel to fall on the floor?

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