Monday, May 2, 2016

Bryce Canyon National Park

The trip to the campground outside of Bryce Canyon National Park was short, about an hour and a half, but during that time we passed through rain and snow. So now we can say that we have driven the motorhome through snow. Fortunately it was not sticking to the road, but it was a bit unnerving nonetheless.

We have a nice site at the end of a row and from my armchair I can look out onto a lake, with mountains off in the distance. I like a campsite with privacy and a view.
Sunday morning dawned cold and blustery but it wasn't raining so we decided to check out the Canyon. I was glad we did; the snow flurries from the night before left a frosting on the cliffs that made for pretty photographs.
Piracy Point
 Natural Bridges

Aguanga Canyon
 These vertical formations are called Hoodoos.
Someone made a tiny snowman, about 10" high. So cute.
This fool stood on the pillar to get a perfect photo, mindless of the deep canyon just beyond the fence.

Bob and I got out a few times and hiked a little way along paths that led to nice scenic views. 

We drove along the 17 miles of road in the park, as far as it went, then turned around to head out. It was getting colder and we wanted to get back to Auggie. 

Outside the park is Ruby's General Store which features a post office, souvenir shop, tiny grocery, and assorted little stores.
It's nice to have some stores nearby. We will return to the Canyon later in the week before we leave, to hopefully see what it looks like without snow. Until then, we will take some little drives and see what the area has.

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