Thursday, April 28, 2016

Driving to Cedar City, Utah

On Wednesday Bob and I decided to drive 80 miles to Cedar City and 1) visit Cedar Breaks National Monument, 2) pick up some items at WalMart, and 3) buy my daughter Kristen a Starbucks You Are Here mug for Utah. Not only does Cedar City have the closest WalMart to the campground we are staying at, it also has the only Starbucks in Utah that is south of Salt Lake City.  We would love to visit SLC but it is not going to happen on this trip.

We started out with cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid 50's, but as we turned into Dixie National Forest the temps started to drop. The road climbed over mountains and the temperatures continued to drop, into the 40's, 30's, and then 20's. The road became icy in spots and we saw snow covering the ground and hanging on tree branches.
Bob and I decided to run our errands first, so we hit Starbucks and picked up the mug before heading to WalMart.
We headed back into Dixie National Forest and it started to rain...
 ...then it started to snow.
The scenery that we could see was lovely. Not exactly what we expected at the end of April, but very pretty nonetheless. Unfortunately, not only was Cedar Breaks National Monument closed, but there was a foot of snow on the unplowed road leading to it. We'll have to come back and see that another time, too.

The weather looks pretty lousy for the rest of the week, according to The plan is to be leaving this campground on Saturday morning and moving to one closer to Bryce Canyon and with (hopefully) better WiFi. However, on Saturday and Sunday we may get snow. We will be watching the weather to see if we can travel at all. If not, we may be here a couple more days. It's all good!

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