Thursday, April 21, 2016

Las Vegas Strip

We arrived in Las Vegas on Wednesday afternoon after an easy drive from Mojave, CA. There's not much to say about Mojave--it was a stopping point between our campground outside Sequoia NP and Las Vegas, but it was quiet and only $20 for the night.

Today Bob and I drove to the Las Vegas Strip and parked in the Venetian's parking garage (free!) so we could walk around. Inside the hotel we located the shops and enjoyed gawking at the sights.
You can take a gondola ride on the water but we passed on that. I loved how it looked like we were outside on a street in Venice. That's a painted sky but it looked real.
The ceilings were all elaborately painted in the casino. And did I gamble? Yes, I did.  I borrowed a dollar from Bob, asked another gambler how to do it, and put my money into the machine. Ten seconds later I was down a dollar and I walked away. If God wants to make me rich, he knows I will give him one chance at the slots, which I play every time I am in a casino. 

So far I have gambled away a total of $2 in the last 15 years. What can I say? It's the call of the slots!

We left the casino and walked down the Strip, where we dodged women trying to give me moisturizer samples and people offering shows at discount rates. 

The buildings were very interesting.
 The 1/2 scale Eiffel Tower at Paris
The Roman Colosseum at Caesar's Palace

We also saw some interesting characters walking around.
 Yoda and Chewbacca
 Sexy police officers
Michael Jackson

Bob and I decided to go to Hexx for lunch. I ordered a Turkey Club/French Fries but asked the waiter to hold the bread, cheese, and fries. He brought me this.
I'm finally one of those people who photographs her food! But it was nicely plated and very tasty.

By the time we finished our meal and walked back to the Venetian we were ready to head back to the campground. I am very glad we got to see a little bit of Vegas. Since we are not into clubs, gambling, shows or drinking, the little taste of the Strip we had was enough. Tomorrow we will go to a museum and to see the Hoover Dam, and Saturday we head for Utah.

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