Monday, April 4, 2016

The Road to Indio, CA

Well, it's HOT here! Temperatures are hovering at the 95 degree mark and tomorrow will be 99,  not that it really bothers us because our AC is working quite well, thank you very much.

We left Kofa Ko-Op, one of the Escapees parks, late this morning, enjoying a late start. Our trip went very smoothly and we passed some interesting scenery including the Salton Sea. This large lake was created between 1905 and 1907 when an engineering "whoopsie" resulted in the Colorado River breaking through diversion canals in the irrigation system of Imperial County. It is over 185 feet below sea level.

The Salton Sea was just south of our route and went on for miles as the topography changed from barren desert to palm tree lushness. There are a number of RV parks along the Sea now, but years ago there used to huge resorts which were the boating playground of such famous people as General George Patton, Guy Lombardo, Jerry Lewis, and Frank Sinatra.

Unfortunately, the Salton Sea is in danger of drying up completely unless steps are taken now to preserve it.

We got to try out our new dash cam along the way. Dash cams are becoming required equipment for RVers these days. In the event of an accident caused by someone in another vehicle, the dash cam can prove that you were not at fault.
We decided to use some of our tax refund money to get one, and I feel safer having it.

Tomorrow we are off to Joshua Tree National Park. If it's not too hot we may hike a little, but there are plenty of driving trails.

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