Saturday, April 16, 2016

Harvest Hosts--Vista Ranch & Cellars

On Thursday, Bob and I descended the scary mountain road outside Yosemite on Rte 120 and headed for a winery in Merced, CA to spend the night, using our Harvest Hosts membership.

We love Harvest Hosts, and have used them often when we travel from one area to another and want to break up the trip. This time we visited Vista Ranch & Cellars, a lovely winery with really excellent wines and a nice tasting bar with gift shop.
Bob and I enjoyed a tasting of five different wines in the Tasting Room before choosing two bottles to purchase for another occasion, as a thank you to our hosts for letting us stay there.

Best of all, this place had space for four large RVs to spend the night, a nice level parking area behind the tasting room, and electrical hookups. Usually Harvest Hosts locations are boondocking situations only, so this was a real plus. And we were the only RVing guests so we had it all to ourselves.  A train track was right across the street and we thought that might be a problem, but we heard no trains at all after 9:00 pm and slept soundly.

On Friday morning we got an oil change for the Honda and then were on our way to a campground outside of Sequoia National Park. More on that, tomorrow.

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