Sunday, April 3, 2016

Yuma, AZ

We arrived safely in Yums after an easy drive from Tucson. Our only issue we had was a dead battery on the CR-V when we arrived. We can deal with that! We are staying at the SKP park here, which we really like. The first thing we did, though, was go to the Peanut Patch and pick up a couple of bags of Spanish Peanuts.  They are Bob's favorites.
Bob also got an ice cream cone. I'm being very good and avoiding grains, sugar, dairy, legumes, alcohol, sodium and caffeine.  I feel so much better when I avoid these foods; my eczema goes away and my arthritis does, too. When I "throw cushions to the wind," as a friend of mine used to say, and eat the forbidden foods, I feel it the next day. So what's left? Vegetables, eggs, meat, healthy oils (olive or coconut oil,) nuts and seeds (but not peanuts,) and small amounts of fruit.  Basically a Paleo diet.  Going out to eat is a problem, but since we don't do that too often it's not a big deal.

We went for a swim last night and met some interesting folks. We find Escapees to be super-friendly.

I FINALLY finished all eight of the Outlander series (for the second time.) All eight books, a total of perhaps 5000 pages, it's a real commitment to read them, that's for sure! But such a good story.

We ran errands today and got ready for more travel. Monday we head off to camp outside Joshua Tree National Park and Tuesday we will spend time in the park.  Stay tuned!

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