Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dinner With Family

Two of my children have parents-in-law in California. Last year we were fortunate to visit with our son-in-law Michael's parents, Leslie and Lyle, who entertained us at a local coffee house.

Unfortunately, we were unable to get to Bakersfield on that trip to see Jason's mom, Debbie, and her husband Bob. But this year we got to have a visit. They met us at the campground and brought along one of their California grandsons, Kain, who is such a cutie pie. An obliging neighbor snapped photos for us.
Our guests were even kind enough to bring us food. Just the kind of guests we love! After some yummy Chinese food, homemade ribs from Deb's crock pot, and chocolate cake we walked over to the campground playground to let Kain burn off some energy. What fun to have the chance see them! 

Thursday we head to a campground in Gustine, CA. 

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