Sunday, April 10, 2016

Heading for Yosemite

On Saturday morning we left Santa Nella campground for Yosemite Pines campground , about 30 minutes outside of Yosemite National Park. After a stop in the Merced Walmart we headed out with some trepidation. Our rig is 40' long and the roads would be steep and winding. We couldn't use our GPS but had to rely on directions from the campground. And it was raining.

About 10 miles from the campground we hit the switchbacks, and on a narrow road with just a tiny guardrail keeping you from plunging thousands of feet into a valley, it was not fun. I usually don't mind heights but this was too much for me and I didn't spend a lot of time looking at the breathtaking scenery.
Fortunately, the rain (which had really been just sprinkling most of the day) stopped for that part of the ride. Bob did a marvelous job driving and keeping his cool despite the line of cars that continued to grow behind us. Since we were only going about 18 mph. We pulled over at any opportunity but there were very few pull-offs. Only one driver honked as he went by, either expressing sympathy for having to navigate the road in a behemoth motorhome or else irritated that we had made him late for happy hour. We decided to believe it was the former reason.

We finally arrived at the campground and backed easily into our site. We are at the end of a row of wooded sites so we have privacy on one side. Sweet! The rain started up again and we are watching the weather closely. When it rains here, it can be snowing or icing in Yosemite so we may be hanging out in the motorhome on Sunday.

Someone recently asked me what we do all day if we don't go sightseeing or out to run errands. Well, we have lots to do! I can read, weave, watch a DVD, bake, clean, surf the web (where available,) knit, spin, write a blog post, take a walk... I'm truly never bored.

I am having trouble with the Internet uploading. Our Verizon signal goes from no bars to just one and is only good for sending a text (if I keep hitting "re-send") or sending an email. And I can sometimes see Facebook. So posting the blog may be difficult for the next few days. I will write posts offline and post as I am able.

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  1. Ansel Adams photos pop into my head. Now that you are settled you can enjoy.