Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trail Ride into Bryce Canyon

Tuesday was a quiet day at home. I warped up my 12" Ashford Knitters Loom with a Sunna heddle from Stoorstalka and started working on a heart band. This pattern is formed by picking up specific pattern threads and lowering others, by hand. I do enjoy weaving this kind of band.
Now, on Monday, when we were saying goodbye to our new friends Bob and Donna, Bob mentioned that if we had a chance, we needed to take a trail ride into Bryce Canyon and see it on horseback. That sounded like a lot of fun so we called and set it up for Wednesday morning. Bob and I had last gone riding about 14 years ago, when we rode horses in Iceland. I never honestly thought I would have another chance to ride, but here we were, riding the trails one more time. We were in a small group of 7, not including our guide.
 Our guide was Hank, an easy going cowboy who told us all kinds of information about the canyon and the plants that grew in it.
Hank took us into some beautiful country, and soon we were heading down into the canyon...
...past cliffs colored orange by the iron that they contained. Our mounts were sure-footed even when walking past steep drop-offs.
Tourists took our photographs and made us feel like celebrities!
Bob and I felt like real cowpokes on our horses (Joachin on the left and Netty on the right.) After the first five minutes we settled in and relaxed. We both agreed that this two hour, four mile ride was the highlight of our visit to the area. It was a memory we will never forget.

We may not be able to walk very well tomorrow, but it was worth it!

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