Monday, July 4, 2016

July Fourth

Whenever we spend time with family, the time just flies. I've been re-creating a hat that I knitted for grandson, Rob, several years ago. Their puppy got ahold of it and Rob wanted a new one.
The knitted fabric is a series of garter stitch that switches from front to back, creating a neat effect. I'm teaching myself how to knit Portuguese-style and this is a good project to practice knits and purls on.

The other night the boys were excited to receive some Kinder-Eggs. If you live in the US you probably don't know what a Kinder-Egg is, since they are not available here. They consist of a chocolate treat and a tiny toy, encased in an egg-shaped package.
The boys have had them a few times and proudly showed them to me before gobbling up the chocolate. Another treat for them was a Fourth of July Freedom Fizz, made by my daughter Kristen. Red white and blue in a drink--very festive!
I've been waiting for the opportunity to have the grandsons try out my Saori Piccolo loom. Two years ago they weren't interested, but today Ben decided to give it a try. He was enchanted with the process of weaving and kept exclaiming, "This is so cool!" Just the reaction I was hoping for.

He was so proud of himself. Another weaver is born!

Hoping that all my blog readers had a wonderful July Fourth. 

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