Sunday, June 26, 2016

Friday and Saturday Fun

So far, since arriving in South Jersey we have been pretty busy. It's so much fun having three of our grandsons next door. They enjoy popping over frequently to hang out with us. On Friday morning I dashed off for a quick doctor's appointment (the first of all our annual check-ups) and a little later went to our son and daughter-in-law's house to see what they've been doing. Tim and Bernie purchased their first home a couple of years ago and they've been working hard on fixing it up ever since.
After seeing all the changes on the house, we went out to dinner at Carolina Blue (great Smokehouse Burgers and sweet potato fries!) before heading on to Fourth Friday in their town.

We had fun browsing through local thrift stores and a music shop, as well as a classic car show. Bob and I may have to return next month for this event, too!

On Saturday our granddaughter, Eve celebrated her third birthday by inviting the family to a local playground and then an ice cream parlor. There's nothing better on a hot day.
This place has a circus them with an animated display, which kept the little ones amused while they enjoyed their cold treats.
Today will be for running errands and enjoying time with our loved ones. 

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