Friday, June 24, 2016

Harvest Hosts and the Final Leg of This Trip

We left Lake Powhatan bright and early on Wednesday morning and headed north. Our plan was to get at least halfway to my daughter's house in South Jersey by evening, so we stopped for the night at a Harvest Hosts site in Bridgewater, VA called Bluestone Vineyards. What a lovely spot!
Our hosts directed us to the large overflow parking area which was level and perfect for our needs. After getting settled we went over to the Tasting Room to check out the wines. Five dollars apiece got us each a taste of five different wines and we chatted with the woman in charge of the tasting.
 Outside is a very nice patio with tables and chairs to sit at while enjoying a bottle of wine and the incredible views of the valley.
This is Amish country, and we saw several horses pulling families in their iconic black buggies as we relaxed later in the coach. They waved at us as we watched them trot past.

The next morning Bob and I got back on the road, taking the route skirting Baltimore to get to NJ. I discovered I could check the box to "avoid tunnels" on our Good Sam Rand McNally GPS, which made it so easy to avoid the tunnel north of Baltimore. It is illegal for any vehicle carrying propane to use that tunnel so we detour around it on rte 695. 

Before too long, we were through Delaware and crossing into NJ. An exciting moment! It has been 10 months since we were back.
 It was great fun to see the family again and we shared a meal as we caught up on everyone's lives.  The children ran around as our dogs became (re) acquainted and it was a glorious time.  This was worth the hard days of travel, to see everyone again!

And later, I checked out the goodies that I had ordered and shipped to my daughter's house.
A 15 dpi heddle for my Ashford Knitters Loom and Sample-it looms, a Sigga heddle for band weaving, and two new weaving books with loads of inspiration and charts (even though neither is in English!) Theres so much fun ahead for this summer!

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