Sunday, November 20, 2016

Benson, AZ

We had an easy trip on Thursday, from Las Cruces, NM to Benson, AZ, and are settled in here for the next two weeks. The weather has been cool at night but warm during mid-day, in the mid to high 70s.  On Friday morning as the sun was coming up, I took this shot from the window.
The early morning light is so beautiful. We are staying at Saguaro SKP Park, which is an Escapees Co-Op park. On Friday, we took a tour to find out details about joining. 

A bare lot here is around $11,000, and one with a casita on it typically adds $19,000-$39,000, depending on size and features. Many people have a kitchen, a bathroom, washer/dryer, and sleeping space for guests. Maximum size is 288 square feet and 12' high. A porch may be added to that as well. We have seen two; one had a large room for crafting and computers and the other had the works with a full bath, kitchen, and laundry plus TV sitting area. And a porch. It was lovely. For all this, members pay around $60 a month plus electricity, which includes wifi and cable. The waiting list requires a $750 deposit and is 4-5 years long, although we have heard of people getting in after a couple of years. 

There are crafting get-togethers 5 days a week, plus exercise classes, dancing, jam sessions for the musically inclined, and lots more.  As guests we are encouraged to take part in whatever activities we want. Bob has already used the workshop, and we are signed up for Thanksgiving potluck. It's going to be a fun couple of weeks!
Water feature by the clubhouse

Today I became inspired when trying to come up with a use for a couple of heavy duty cardboard tubes, and I made this.
I took the band I wove using my Sigga heddle and stitched it into a ring, then slipped it over a short piece of tube. A battery candle fits right in. I think I will keep it with the Christmas ornaments. 

I am progressing on my möbius scarf and hopefully will be taking it off the loom tomorrow. I'm also playing around with Tunisian crochet. We'll see how that goes!

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