Monday, November 7, 2016

Kerrville, TX

On Sunday, Bob and I packed up and headed to Kerrville, TX to meet up with our friends, Kathy and Ron (formerly of Albuquerque.)  We hit some hard, driving rain shortly after we left Belton, which continued almost the entire trip. Not a pleasant way to travel! By the time we neared Kerrville, however, the rain was letting up. On the way, we passed through Fredericksburg and we have decided that that town should be a destination one day. It looked like there was a lot to see and do there.

We pulled into the Buckhorn RV Lake Resort and set up, admiring this beautiful park. I had asked for a site near our friends, who happened to be in the Executive area, which feature pull-in sites with a view of the lake. It was a lovely spot.
After we settled in, we walked over to our friends' rig and had the most wonderful visit. Kathy and Ron had a bottle of wine ready and a hot meal prepared for us as well, and boy, was it good! We caught up with all the news and had a great visit. There's nothing like meeting up with friends on the road. We will see Kathy and Ron again in Yuma in February. 

This morning, Bob and I bid farewell to our friends and headed west, where we have made arrangements to meet up with more friends in Las Cruces, NM. Hopefully we can outrun the rain that seems to be following us. Today was nice, but tomorrow the rain is supposed to return.


  1. You would like the Hill Country. Dripping Springs is a great stop - not far from Fredericksburg (Luchenbach is in between!). There are some nice Corps of Engineers parks in the area, too.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation!! :)