Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017 Begins

Bob and I rang in the new year by attending the park's New Years Eve party. Like the Christmas party, we volunteered to help set up and decorate for the event, and sold raffle tickets as well. We have made some good friends by volunteering at these parties, and as a bonus were able to attend without charge. The Yankee in me appreciates that.
 The stage area was made ready for the band who provided lots of dancing music.
We took a break from selling tickets to have our photo taken.

We ate a delicious prime rib dinner, did a little dancing, and then handed home. We aren't late-night people. But that's ok--the New Year came even without us watching the ball drop. And I felt enough refreshed the next morning that I could attend church. A good start to 2017.

A new year requires a new weaving project! I have been wanting to try Krokbragd on the rigid heddle loom for quite some time now. People have warned that this is a very slow weave, since you must weave three shots of weft yarn in order to see one row of weaving. It also requires a pattern stick and a set of string heddles, plus three different boat shuttles. While it can feel like a bit of a balancing act, I am really enjoying weaving this sampler.

The weather here in Yuma has been a little cool, requiring a light jacket or a sweater. We are looking forward to next week when the forecast is for the low 70s every day. I think winter is over!

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