Saturday, January 28, 2017


We have had a fun week, Bob and I. On Thursday, we took a drive out to Quartzsite, AZ. You may not know about this place if you are not an RVer. Every January, this little town in the middle of the desert becomes a booming metropolis of over 250,000 RVers who boondock (camp without hookups) in the desert for little or no money, for a couple of weeks.

We don't love camping without hookups so we've never attended, but this year we decided to go up for the day to see the RV show that is there. It's been a rather cold January this year with low temps in the 40s, so attendance was less than usual. But that was ok by us!

The RV show is held in a big white tent, with RVs for sale outside around the perimeter.
We had a good time walking around and seeing what was for sale. We even bought a folding metal stool, for when our lowest step is too high off the ground. This sometimes is a problem if our campsite is not level, and can be pretty hazardous, so the step will make that situation much safer. We also checked out the fifth wheels for sale but didn't see anything that tempted us to trade in our coach. It's so much fun to look, though.

On Saturday morning, I sang with the choir at the opening ceremonies of one of the many golf tournaments held here at our campground. Since it is windy and chilly today, I was very happy to return home afterwards rather than have to stand outside swinging a club! Tomorrow is supposed to be much nicer, with high temperatures in the 70s all week. I'm ready for warm!

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