Saturday, January 7, 2017

Camel Farm and Knitting Hats

On Thursday, Bob and I decided to enjoy the 70 degree temperatures and do something fun, so we headed off to the Camel Farm, just south of Yuma. The Camel Farm is a popular attraction with families but we had the place practically to ourselves on this lovely day.
The Farm has several Arabian camels, AKA dromedaries, which are native to the hot deserts of the Middle East and Africa. Camels do not store water in their humps, but fat, which allow them to survive if food is scarce. This lovely lass came over to say hello...
...and then ran behind and photo bombed us as our picture was being taken. How rude!
The Camel Farm has other animals as well, such as this Jacob, or Four-Horned Sheep, a primitive breed that dates back to Biblical times.
 This is a Miny Hinny. A Hinny is a domestic hybrid resulting from crossing a male horse with a female donkey (a Jenny.) Similar to mules which are a cross between a male donkey and a female horse, Hinnys are smaller in size and more closely resemble horses. One of this Hinny's parents was a miniature; therefore this guy is a Mini Hinny.
We met this zebra...
...and a zebra/donkey cross, called a Zedonk.

The Farm also had Fallow deer, potbelly pigs (there were babies for sale but we resisted the temptation,) musk oxen, burros, a coati, and a fennick fox. For $1 we got a cup full of animal feed to offer to the animals, which made us very popular. What fun!

When we got home I had a package of yarn waiting for me so  started knitting, and two days later had these hats made for grandsons Ben and Adam.
They were a fun knit. Yarn and pattern were from Knit Picks, Wool of the Andes. 

On Saturday morning I pulled myself away from knitting to walk around the park. On the first Saturday of each month there is a park-wide yard sale and people set things out that they have no further use for. It is a fun time to walk around and visit neighbors and meet folks.

Auggie gets bored if we stop and talk for too long, and asks to be picked up.  And then immediately falls asleep. The sun was warm, even if the air was cool.

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