Monday, January 16, 2017

A Sewing Machine

We have been having some beautiful sunsets here in Yuma, AZ.
Just glorious!

On Saturday, I volunteered to help serve at a luncheon here in the park. It was a fun couple of hours, dishing out raviolis and hanging out with some very nice people. Then I got to bring home some lasagne, which we ate for dinner tonight. It was very good.

I've been weaving on my Krokbragd sampler and I've reached the point where I shall declare it finished. With a sampler, there really is no end point, but I feel like I've learned a lot, which was my goal, and it is large enough to use as a hot pad or to hang up. So it is done. All I need do now is to take it off the loom and decide whether or not to back it as a hot pad, or deal with the ends and call it art. I'll think a little longer on that.
If you look closely you can see the little ukuleles I wove into it, a little more than halfway up.  They were supposed to be guitars but I wove it with four rather than six tuners, so they are ukes.

My daughter, Emily, and daughter in law Bernie, both are now into sewing, and I told them I'd watch for sewing machines for them that were better than the ones they had. And today I found one in a hospice thrift shop in Yuma. I liked it so much that I bought it. Emily said no thanks but Bernie wants it, and I think it will be a great machine for her. It's a Singer 328K, built in Scotland back in the day when Singer sewing machines were really good machines. It has an all metal body and sews 10 different stitches. I fired it up when I got home and it sews beautifully. This machine was very well cared for, with no chips or scratches and not a speck of lint anywhere. I gave it a good oiling and thought about the woman who loved this machine for the past half a century. I'm sure she's happy, wherever she is, that her machine will have a good home for the next 50 years.
While I was driving around today, I saw this sign admonishing the youths of Yuma against horseplay in a parking lot. Of course, since this is Arizona, perhaps they are referring to actual horses, but I couldn't find anyone to ask.
Happy Monday everyone!

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