Sunday, March 13, 2016

Diana Gabaldon and the Tucson Festival of Books

I have been looking forward to this day since we got to Tucson. Early in the week I got through the online ticketing process (many did not, as it worked, then stopped working,) to score two of the free tickets to hear Diana Gabaldon Speak at the University of Arizona. I have read all of her books, which tell the story of Claire, a time traveling nurse, and Jaimie, a Scottish outlaw. An obvious over-simplification, if you have read even the first novel in the series, called Outlander. Or if you have watched the television series on Starz. I heartily recommend both. But be warned, the books are highly addictive, they are long, and there are eight of them to date (she's working on #9.)

Bob and I boarded a trolley to head to the unniversity, which was a very good way to travel since downtown was closed off for a classic car show and parking at UA is limited.

We arrived at the festival and went looking for the lecture hall, even though we were more than an hour early. It was a beautiful day and the crowds were out to enjoy it all.
I have to interject a big Thank You to Bob for joining me today, for he has not read any of the books. He has, however, watched the show with me on Starz and has enjoyed it. It was fun to have him share this with me.

We decided to stand in line and found ourselves in the first 25 people of an ever-growing line. Eventually, all 300 of us were there and we entered the classroom hall. Bob and I were in the third row and had great seats.
It was a thrill to hear Diana talk about the books (she told us there will probably be at least 10 before the story has been all told,) about the show and how she had a small part in one of the scenes, and about her creative process and how she writes. It will be several more months before the yet-unnamed and long-awaited book 9 will be fleshed out so that she can see the plot. Diana writes scenes, then arranges them at a later date into a book. She also read a long passage from that unfinished book. I cannot wait to read it!

After the one hour talk (which was over far too soon) Bob and I walked around the Festival, stopping to watch some Highland Bagpipers and Scottish dancers. It was highly appropriate.

Finally becoming hot and tired, we made our way to the trolley and rode home without incident. We said hello to Auggie, then left him again (to his surprise and dismay) to visit Mike in the hospital. He looked good, and was already walking the halls with Physical Therapy this morning, using his new walker. We are keeping fingers crossed that he can come home to his RV tomorrow.

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