Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Flandrau Science Center

Two times last week we attempted to visit the University of Arizona's Flandrau Science Center and Gem Museum but were unable to find a place to park. As is typical of many universities, if there is a ball game or other event going on, parking is in extremely limited supply. We took no chances on Monday. I called to make sure the museum was open, and we took the trolley. It was an excellent way to travel.
We did have a little glitch with the trolley. We purchased 1-day passes so that we could hop on and off at will. But Bob's pass and Mike's pass did not scan when we checked in. A ticket-checker who hopped on the trolley replaced the defective tickets and we were good to go.

We arrived at the UA Science Center in good time.
We had a membership plan and card for Carnegie Museum that was reciprocal so we got in free. Love those!
In the museum we learned that Franklin, NJ is the Fluorescent Mineral Capital of the World. Who knew? Looks like we need to bring the grandkids to Franklin one of these days! See how the minerals lit up with fluorescent light.
Downstairs in the Gem and Mineral Museum are over 19,000 gems, including meteorites and cut gems. One of the student docents told us there was upwards of $35,000,000 worth of gems in this museum.

My favorite was this 13.29ct Oval Yellow-Orange Sapphire and Diamond Ring set in 18ct yellow gold. Bob, buy me one of these!!
After the museum we stopped for lunch at the Frog & Firkin where we enjoyed a glass of beer and a sandwich. This is the life!

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