Friday, March 4, 2016

Sentinel Peak Park

This morning, Retha, Mike, Bob, and I (with Auggie and one of the Japanese Chins, Elwood) took a drive up to Sentinel Peak. The Peak has also been known as "A" Mountain since the early 1900s when students of the University of Arizona whitewashed rocks on the top of the mountain after a football game in the shape of a giant "A." The "A" is now painted annually in red, white and blue and may be seen for miles.

The name "Sentinel Peak" is much older and refers to the mountain being a lookout for the Spanish. We drove to the top and had a panoramic view of the city of Tucson.

 There was a gazebo-like structure that we walked to from the parking area as well. Seeing Tucson this way was quite breathtaking.
The park also featured a wide variety of cacti that were representative of the plants in the area. The hills around Tucson are covered with the handsome Saguaro Cactus, and we also saw examples of Barrel Cactus and some that were beautiful in a weird sort of way but we couldn't identify.

Later in the day we drove out to the University of Arizona to see the Mineral Museum, but were unable to find a place to park. We settled for visiting Coldstone Creamery to make sure the quality of the ice cream in Arizona was up to par. 

It was.