Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Out with Friends and Seeing Dentist in Palomas, Mexico

The last few days have been very pleasant, winding down our duties here at the animal rescue and saying good-bye to friends. On Sunday Bob and I returned to the Passion Pie Cafe in T or C to meet up with Linda and Chuck. I met Linda when she came to see me and had a weaving lesson; since then we have become good friends. This was our first time meeting Chuck, and we all got along very well. We even returned back to their home to see it and for Bob to check out the boat that Chuck is restoring. While the guys were looking at the boat, I saw Linda's new loom and her lovely scarf she recently wove.  We had a very pleasant time and hope to see them again when we pass through the area.

We realized that this is probably about the closest we will be to Mexico on this year's loop around the US so Bob and I drove into Palomas, in Chihuahua, Mexico on Monday to get our teeth cleaned. It was an easy two hour drive, through Deming and south on route 11 to the border. Puerto Palomas de Villa (as it is formally called) is a little town that thrives on the dental and eyecare business, as well as offering inexpensive liquor and pharmaceuticals. We parked in the free parking lot just before the border and walked into Mexico. Ahead and to the left was The Pink Store, where you can have a very nice lunch with great Margueritas and buy handcrafted Mexican-made items. 
When we arrived we were able to meet up with our Las Cruces friends, Joan and John, and two of their friends for lunch. Bob and I enjoyed the company and our meal very much.

After we ate, Bob and I said goodbye to our friends who had to head home, and we walked around to kill some time before our dentist appointment.  We were amused to see a Donald Trump pinata.  I wondered, would a Trump supporter purchase this out of respect for the man, or would it be purchased so that someone who was not a fan could enjoy giving the likeness a few whacks? I guess we will never know.
We kept our money and just snapped the photo.
The store was also filled with lovely hand carved furniture and statues, pottery, figurines, handwoven blankets, jewelry, and more.

We had a nice time, despite the serious look on Bob's face here.
Our dental cleanings went very smoothly and we loved the price--$35 apiece for cash or check, $40 each if you used a credit card. When done, we walked back across the border, told Customs that we had nothing to declare, and returned home. An easy and fun trip.


  1. We have had lunch at the Pink Store ! It was before you needed a passport to go across. We parked on the US side, and walked across. I think there is a campground on the US side too???? I seem to remember that. My inlaws would also go to the dentist there etc.
    Fun times.

  2. I love the Pink Store! I go down to Palomas for my dental work. Use a company called Beyond Borders Dental. They scheduled my dental work and even have discounts for the Pink Store!