Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ain't Never Had Too Much Fun...

...until yesterday! A new yoga class was starting Tuesday morning, run by a woman from a local yoga studio, so I biked over and joined the group. I enjoyed it, and look forward to becoming more limber. Afterwards, I bicycled back and relaxed for a bit while Bob played 9 holes of golf. He has just joined a 9-hole men's league.

A little later, it was back to the pool for a swim and a soak in the hot tub.  High temperatures this week have been hovering around 77 and the heated pool feels wonderful! We returned to the motorhome on our bikes, changed out of the wet clothes and biked back for Hamburger Night at the Cantina, where we met a delightful couple who regaled us with their travel stories as we enjoyed our burgers. I also found out about an open craft time on Fridays that I'd like to check out. Maybe I'll bring a small loom and weave.

Our neighbors hailed us over for Happy Hour as we rode up to our rig, so being the friendly folk that we are, we joined them.  An hour and a half just flew by, and Bob and I made a gracious exit so we could head over to the Ballroom for a 7:00 class in Western Line Dancing.

It turned out to be a two hour class, and we lasted an hour before returning home. We did learn three dances, though, and it was a lot of fun, so we'll be back next week and hopefully stay the whole class.

Whew! Maybe we DID have too much fun!

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