Monday, December 19, 2016

Crafting and Such

We are having a great time here in Yuma! On Wednesday, Bob and I toured a couple of model homes at the park. They were very nice but neither one knocked our socks off. If we ever bought a home at a campground we would most likely purchase a pre-owned unit, anyway. But it's always fun to look and to dream!

After the tour I went to check out the choir practice. I had so much fun in high school chorus oh-so-many-years ago, and I always wanted to join the church choir but it was pretty hard finding a free evening to commit to every week. Now I have the time! The women were super-nice, and very excited to have another person sign up so I felt very welcomed. And I really enjoyed the service here in the park on Sunday so it feels like a great fit.

On Friday I joined the Sit 'n Stitch group, bringing my Seidel Card Loom set up for a Christmas Tree band. It worked up quickly and was a fun weave.
On Saturday, Bob and I went over to a Golf Liquidation store in town, and Bob found a 4 & a 5 iron that he needed, for a total of $25. Such a deal! Afterwards we ate lunch at Wienerschnitzels, a hot dog stand that specializes in chili dogs. I had a Kraut Dog with sauerkraut and it was yummy.

I've been busy crafting in other ways, too.  I found out that my granddaughter, Jillian, wanted a scarf shaped like a fish. No problem! I took a handwoven scarf I had made but never worn, and with a little snipping and a little sewing, made her one. I think it turned out rather cute, don't you?
Sunday evening was the Parade of Golf Carts here in the park. People decorate their golf carts with lots of lights, play music, and dress up to compete for Best Decorated Golf Cart.
Oh, and as they proceed slowly along the parade route (up and down the park roads,) they stop every few houses to have a drink, set out by welcoming park residents. Our neighbors had a fire pit set up and the booze was flowing.
We enjoyed the company and were probably some of the few folks who didn't wake up hungover this morning.

The wind came up in the night, and although temperatures are in the mid-60s, we are staying in today.

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