Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Enjoying the Campground

Bob and I are enjoying some beautiful weather now that the windstorm has ended. High temperatures are in the low 70s with a light breeze and the sun is glorious! Yuma boasts an average of 308 sunny days a year, about 4" of rain a year, and 0" of snowfall. It's a popular place for snowbirds, that's for sure! There are more than 65 campgrounds in Yuma to choose from, plus places to boondock if that's your preference.

Yesterday I took a drive over to the Kofa Ko-op SKP Park in Yuma, where we have our name on a waiting list for a bare lot.  We like Kofa's pool, friendly people, the daily craft group (well, I like that, anyway!) and low cost. We would have stayed there this winter if they could have promised us a site for three months, but since they couldn't, I think we have a good place to be. Afterwards I went to Yuma Palms, which is a shopping area with a lot of big box stores--J. C. Penney, Dillards, Petsmart, Marshalls, Jo-Ann Fabrics, etc. We are learning the area and it's pretty easy to get around here. Bob stayed home to await a propane delivery. They come to your rig, which is very nice. Some other places require you to pack up and drive to a dispensing area to have your tanks filled.

Once a month here the campground offers "Soup Night." People bring either a crockpot full of soup, a salad, or a dessert to share. I love that I can whip up a batch of brownies and my dinner prep is done! We enjoyed a great meal and had fun chatting with some new friends.

Today I'm checking out a yoga class.

This is a great place to ride bikes, too. The campground is quite large so we can ride up and down streets to make a nice long course. I intend to ride daily here.

I'll post photos soon, I promise!

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