Thursday, December 29, 2016

Crafting in 2016

Its hard when you set the bar so high. Upon revisiting my end of the year post of last year, I saw that I completed 36 craft projects in 2015. This year? I finished 40, amazing myself (I may be too easily amazed, however.)  Here is my list:

Pirn Scissor Holder Necklace, January
Color Gamp woven on Piccolo, January
Handwoven/Felted Low Slippers for me, February
High-top slippers for Alex, Jillian, Quinn, Eve, Anthony, and me, February
Tape woven on Bob's handcrafted reproduction tape loom, February
Not a Mermaid Scarf on AKL, April
Handwoven Roller Towels (2), May
Hearts Band, both Sunna heddle and double-holed versions, May
Orange/yellow pickup inkle band, May
Band with Words for my friend April, May
Knitted Shawl, June
Pink crocheted dishcloth, June
Weaving project with grandkids on Piccolo, July
Crocheted Cat Necklace for Quinn, July
Sunna Heddle Sampler with gradations of pink, August
White Tencel Scarf woven with 3/1 floats, August
Cat collar sewn from orange/yellow pickup band, August
Lumbar Pillow with handwoven fabric from stash, September
Plaid Cloth woven with 5/2 cotton & 15 dpi heddle, September
1/2" turquoise/brown/black pickup inkle band for Auggie's leash, September
Saori-woven Blue Mobius Cowl on Piccolo, September
Matching 3/4" pickup inkle band for Auggie's collar, September
Japanese Knot Bag sewn using 5/2 plaid, October
Inklette-woven Purple Lanyard, October
Sigga heddle bands, October
Sigga Heddle Band Candle, November
Cream-colored Mobius Cowl, November
Rob's Hat, knitted, December
Christmas Tree card-woven band, December
Knitted Santa Hat, December
Jillian's Fish Scard, December
Snow Fox Scarf knitted for Eve, December
Red Fox Scarf knitted for Quinn, Decembe
Black/White/Red Knitted Hat for Alex, December
Red Knitted Hat for Jillian, December

The only month I didn't work on a project was March, which was very busy with sightseeing and with friends. The majority of items were woven, in addition to sewing, knitting, crochet, and making a pirn scissor holder (what kind of craft would you even call that?)

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