Saturday, December 3, 2016

And the Wind Blew

We arrived safely at our campground in Yuma, AZ, despite a road closure near our destination that resulted in a detour down a dirt road. Not fun! By the time we settled in we were frazzled and tired from our nearly 300 mile trip from Benson, AZ, and all we wanted to do was relax in front of some TV. But what did we discover? The cable that was promised to us when I made the reservation was not available. Instead, we could only access advertisements for the local cable company. I called the campground office and was told that the cable company changed things a couple of months ago and guests now had to rent a box to get cable. And yet on the campground website I saw that they still boasted that cable was included in the monthly rate.

Momma didn't raise no fool.

I told them that this was unacceptable and they needed to come up with a way to provide us with cable at no additional cost to us. The next morning, Bob spoke with the manager and received a loaner cable box at no charge with promise of another one when it became available. We have cable now, which is good because our antenna only brings in six stations and three are in Spanish.

Last night the wind began to blow. And blow. And blow some more. Now, I grew up in New England, where winter storms rage and dump sometimes three feet of snow or more at a time. I had the same feeling with this wind storm. Even though temperatures were in the mid-60s, the wind was biting and felt much colder. Bob and I went out for a walk and agreed we had never been in winds so strong. The motorhome was rocking! We were glad to be in a part of Arizona where there was a lot of grass, because otherwise it would have been a sand storm.

Later today, the wind finally died down and we took a drive to Yuma Palms Mall where there are a lot of big stores. It's going to take a little time to learn our way around here.

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