Sunday, February 7, 2016

Handwoven Slippers are Finished

Well, today was finally the day to cut into my handwoven cloth that I had felted in the washer. I actually cut off the knotted fringe this morning in preparation, noticed that I could still see some yarn, and threw it back into the washer (quick wash, 15 minutes) and dryer (about 90 minutes.)  That did the trick; when I cut into it again the yarn strands had completely melded into each other and would not unravel. I cut out two sets of soles, for warmth against our cold floors, and one set each of the toes and the heels.
I used the same pattern I have been working with, from BeautifulPieShop on Etsy, but this time I left off the cuffs for a low heel version. The slippers went together easily, and I even found a narrow inkle band I had woven and tucked away for future use, several years ago. The stripes gave me a way to evenly space 1/4" slits in the felted fabric, and I like the effect of the band as a means to keep the slippers on my feet.
My daughter, Emily, sent me a picture of her girls coming down for breakfast in their new slippers. Such cuties!  I think they like their new footwear.  :) 
Temperatures rose to the 60s today and by Wednesday it will be in the 70s. At last, some nice warm weather.  I am loving it!

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