Monday, February 1, 2016

El Camino Real Museum

On Sunday Bob and I visited the El Camino Real Museum, about a half hour north of the town of Truth or Consequences, NM. The weather was warm but very windy, and we were feeling the cabin fever from being inside so much.
 The entrance to the museum was very dramatic, surrounded by desert landscapes.
Inside and downstairs was the entrance to the movie theater, where we viewed a brief film about El Camino Real de Terra Adentro, meaning "the royal road to the interior lands." Twenty two years before the Mayflower landed, this road was created by the Spanish Conquistadors to connect the city of Vera Cruz in Mexico to Santa Fe, NM.
Inside the museum is a courtyard in Spanish and Mexican style. 
 Beautiful art and sculptures are featured.
A typical mercado, or marketplace 
Clothing such as that which would have been worn four hundred years ago. 
Bob in front of vintage postcard posters. 
A two wheeled cart, of the type used by travelers along the historic road.
El Camino Real traversed scenes such as this.

We brought a box lunch and ate it while surrounded by beautiful desert vistas.  

After we returned home I spent the rest of the weekend sewing slippers for two more of our grandchildren. Jillian and Alex will receive these. 

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