Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Things are Winding Down

I am doing much better with my box tape loom weaving. My edges are not perfect but I am maintaining a consistent width overall, and I am enjoying my loom.
I put a 4 yard warp on, using two colors of carpet warp. I like this pattern--it's very classic. I did not use any warp separators, so we'll see how that goes!

Bob and I have completed our last scheduled work sessions involving animal care, yesterday and today. It's a little bittersweet; we know it's time to move on, but I will really miss some of my favorite animals.

I found three dove eggs today. With the weather generally warming up, the doves have been starting to nest. I felt sorry for the little mamas as I reached under them and removed their eggs. We replace them with pecans so they don't realize what we've done.

As I chopped vegetables for the peacocks this morning I heard a cat crying, and walked out of the food prep area to find a new cat walking around. Someone had just dumped him off and he is lucky he was found by us before a coyote found him. People can be so cruel.  I offered the little guy a dish of food and the poor thing just gobbled it down.
He has really pretty markings, and I named him Tanner. Later I was able to pick him up and I moved him to the "Howdy Room," used by people who want to spend one-on-one time with a kitty they are thinking of adopting. Since Tanner may have a contagious disease, he cannot yet be introduced to the general cat population and must be isolated.

Saying goodbye to all the animals today was very much like saying goodbye to my patients in home care and in nursing homes. I used to be a speech-language pathologist and between discharges and changes in my settings, goodbyes were frequent. This never got easier, and it wasn't easy today. We will still be around for another week, but it won't be the same. I do hope all these little ones find their forever homes.


  1. You have a great heart ! My inlaws lived in T or C. At most I have spent only a week at a time there. You really got to know it. It's a neat place. Camped at Elephant Butte. Good times.

    1. We have really enjoyed our time here!

  2. You and bob have moved on, Trisha, but you are still with us here at Desert Haven. Bob's fences and benches, among many other projects the two of you took on and were able to complete before the last week of your work camping stay at the sanctuary, will be a constant reminder of all the good that the two of you did here. You deserve the very best of what Life has to offer you. Let's stay in touch, ok?