Wednesday, February 17, 2016


On Monday Bob and I had visitors; our Las Cruces friends, Joan and John, drove up to see the Animal Refuge and to check out our motorhome. They have been curious about what it's like to live on the road, at least for short periods of time. We were happy to show our home to them! We went to lunch after a tour of the facilities here, to a cafe called Passion Pie. What a nice place for lunch. They serve simple fare, such as breakfasts (think homemade Belgian waffles heaped with fresh fruit) and lunches (quiches, soups, salads, and sandwiches) and we enjoyed it very much. It was good to find this place, because Truth or Consequences, NM does not have a lot of lunch options on a Monday. We hope to come back again before we leave the area.

The other day I started playing around with Adobe Capture, which is a free app that gives you special effects for photographs. My friend, April, sent me the link and suggested I check it out. After a few minutes I figured out how to make this image of my tape loom, and was pleased with the graphics.

It's a fun thing to play with.

One of my favorite things to do here is to spend some time giving the five little dogs at the refuge some love. Here is Jack in my arms giving me a kiss and Foxxy sitting on the back of my chair, waiting for his turn to be scratched. It's still a little cool in the mornings, but a few minutes later that jacket was OFF.
KC got a chance to be outside this afternoon. The sun was warm and the sky was blue, and Bob and I had outside projects go do; Bob was recharging the water softener and I was putting a third coat of Tung oil on my loom. Only one more and I'll call it done! So I came and brought out KC so he could be near us in the kennel near our rig. The first thing he did was to rub himself into the dust. Then he sat and watched us work until he fell asleep in the sun. He didn't want to come inside!
KC has enjoyed being in one place for three months, but two weeks from today we will be moving to our next spot. This is the longest we have remained in one place since we've been on the road!

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