Thursday, February 4, 2016

We Get Company & Auugie Gets Teeth Pulled

Today was a very full day for us. Bob and I got up early and took Auggie over to the local veterinarian to get his teeth cleaned. Little did we know that he would need NINE teeth pulled as well. Poor guy. He has been pretty groggy from the dental surgery all evening.
Pretty much all of his upper teeth are gone except for his canines. It looks like he's going to have to be on a soft food diet.

K.C. the cat had a great day, however! Our manager, Joe, brought over some catnip toys for him and K.C. had a blast playing with them and batting them all over the coach. Sorry to say, our kitty did not miss Auggie at all! While they tolerate each other and even lie side by side at times, their relationship is not yet a close one. Perhaps given enough time...

Bob and I met some wonderful people in Bradenton, FL this past fall, and today we were excited to see them again. Mike and Retha, on their way to Tucson, have stopped to stay in our campground for a couple of nights, along with their twelve dogs that travel with them. Yes, I said twelve dogs! Mike and Retha used to breed and show Japanese Chins, a breed that is related to Pekingese dogs, and when they went on the road the dogs naturally came along. These little dogs are seasoned travelers, and several of them are senior citizens. It takes a lot of organization to care for twelve dogs and fortunately these folks are very organized! They tell us that rarely does anyone in a campground even realize that they have more than four. To an outsider, Japanese Chins all look the same, and since Mike and Retha walk four at a time (and the dogs are so quiet) people assume there are only four being walked over and over.

As I was straightening up today I came across this card that my Dad gave to me when I graduated from college in 1997. Dad had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's by that time but was still able to write (and to write well!) This card means so much to me and every time I come across it it's like getting a hug from him. Dad passed away twelve years ago and I miss him terribly.

I think about what Bob and I had to do to become full-time RVers, and his words are as fresh as if he wrote them yesterday.  I'll keep tucking this card in a different place each time I come across it, so I can continue to find it when I least expect it.

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