Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tape Loom Progress and More Slippers

I had a fun time today sewing slippers for two of my granddaughters, Quinn and Eve. They both love dogs so I chose two different doggy prints from my fabric stash. These took me a total of about four hours, to make two pairs. I'm getting faster! I did experience my first snap mistake, putting two snaps on the wrong side, but it was easily fixed by using cuticle scissors to cut the snap away, then re-applying new ones facing the right direction. And I finally have a use for those cuticle scissors!
Bob was busy today, too, and spent some time working on my tape loom. I think it's looking so good, and I am having a blast designing my very own loom. I decided that the uprights that hold the warp beam needed to be higher so that the top of the beam would be about the same height as the holes in the heddle. The box has been screwed together and Bob got a plug maker so he can eventually hide the screws. This will make the loom look like a vintage one. 
I believe that the next step will be to rough fit the cloth beam and the cogs. And I have asked for a handle on the back beam. This is such fun! By the way, if you are on Ravelry you can see more details of the progress of the loom on my project page. 

We are enjoying it he weather this weekend here in New Mexico, with temperatures in the low 70s. Next week it will turn cold again for a few days so we appreciate what we have now. The weekends have been very pleasant--we've been lucky.

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