Thursday, January 14, 2016

Meeting a Weaving Friend

I love meeting with friends I have gotten to know on Ravelry, because as fun as it is to talk with other weavers online, there's nothing to compare with being face-to-face.  Today I had the pleasure of getting together with Oddsoxx (AKA Linda) for a private weaving lesson at our motorhome. She had questions about warp tension, improving edges, fixing a broken warp thread, joining colors using various methods, how to warp and weave houndstooth and log cabin, and finishing handwoven cloth. I also gave her tips on using pattern sticks and she learned how to weave the windowpane pattern and to use two sticks and manage two colors. Linda was a fast learner and picked up new concepts easily. I just wished I had thought to take a photo of us!

Later I finished a great book by N. Gemini Sasson called "Say That Again," about a young girl on the Autism spectrum and her dog, Echo. An inspiring story with a fabulous ending! If you love dogs you will love this book.

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