Thursday, January 28, 2016


Today I tried out a slipper pattern that I purchased from Etsy from BeautifulPieShop. This pattern has its own Facebook group for lots of inspiration, and I liked the face that I could make any size from newborn to adult sizes (there's even a doll slipper pattern, too!) I plan to make slippers for all the grandchildren. But before I use my handwoven fabric in a slipper I want to know I like the pattern. And that it fits me.

So, ta-da!

Here it is. By the way, it is not an easy task to take a photo of a slipper with your foot in it! It took me much of the day to sew these, in part because I was sewing a rather cantankerous leather-like fabric, I but I know the next one will go quickly. People claim they can knock these slippers out in 45 minutes. But do NOT expect that the first time. I had to rip out a couple of seams in there and re-sew at one point, but I persevered. I like the snaps, too, and there was a bit of a learning curve to use the KamSnap setter, but it was not hard. You may notice the cuff is a bit crooked, but that's because my ankles are, shall we say, sturdy? No worries though, at least they do the job! I may alter the cuff pattern to make them to fit my unique shape.

Bob has been working on my loom. I designed some ratchets that I like better than the original plans and Bob cut them out.
He then glued up some cherry for the beams and did a rough assembly of the warp beam, enough so decisions could be made as to placement of the beam uprights. The plans we have are not really detailed so a lot of details are left up to the woodworker.


  1. just when I was wondering about you being quiet, here you are! And those boots are wonderful. And you loom is looking great!

    1. Thanks for sticking with me through this winter, with my limited posting. We will be back on the road again March 1 and I will be writing more often again :)