Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Color Gamp is Woven

Bob and I had a nice weekend. Weather continued to be cold and unseasonable here in NM and we really didn't feel like spending much time outdoors. So other than our Friday work with the animals and a trip to Walmart, we pretty much stayed in.

I did finish weaving my color gamp, though! This photo was taken prior to washing, and I was pleased with the way the blocks lined up. Not perfectly, but close enough.
I think I will really like it when it's finished. I have washed and dried the panels and they have become nice and soft. Now I have to decide whether to join them by hand or by machine.

I was able to store away some equipment and tools after the weaving was done so we have our open space back. It feels nice, but probably won't last because I have another project churning in my brain that wants to be woven. This one will be a rigid heddle piece.


  1. Wow! Really nice job lining them up. I vote for hand joining as I think you can ease them together more.

  2. Thank you! I enjoy doing hand work so I agree that might be best.