Monday, January 18, 2016

Gamp is Finished

On Saturday, Bob and I went into the town of Elephant Butte to have lunch at a cafe called Hodges Corner, where we had some good eats. This time of year business is slow but we hear it's a hopping place come summertime when people vacation in this lakeside community.
I finished my color gamp! After playing around with joining the panels by hand, I decided the sewing machine was a better way to finish this blanket. I overlapped the panels slightly and straight stitched them together before hemming the top and bottom. It came out square, about 42" after finishing.
This past week it has been chilly, so when earlier in the week dog jackets arrived in the mail (sent to Desert Haven by a kind supporter) we were pretty excited. My boss, Eliana, took these photos of me opening the package and sitting with two of our now-warm little guys. 

The dogs love the bench Bob built for them, too! Here are Jack (behind me) and Foxxy. 

We are now halfway through our volunteer gig here, and time is passing quickly. This week looks like we will be seeing warmer temperatures, in the low 60s. Nights are still in the 30s but it won't be long before that will change, too. This is more like it!

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