Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My NuWave Induction Cooker

I don't go for a lot of gadgets but I recently purchased one that has greatly improved my ability to cook in a small space. It's the NuWave Induction Cooktop. Before I bought it I had to convince Bob that adding something to the kitchen would save space; sounds counterintuitive, doesn't it? Typically when preparing a meal I will only use one burner--Bob grills some meat and I prepare either a salad or a vegetable. Sometimes brown rice or a potato. But I have to open up my range lid and uncover three gas burners just to use one. This takes up a large amount of my prep space.

No more! My new induction burner gives me precise temperatures and takes up little space on the counter. It workers with my Presto stainless steel pressure cooker and my cast iron pans, as well as my La Cruset pot. I just love it.
In fact, I am giving away my rice cooker because it is so easy to make brown rice in the pressure cooker, using this cooktop.  I can use it to slow-cook and make yogurt with it. Plus, in confined spaces it is much safer than using an open flame. I don't have to run the overhead fan when cooking, either, like I do when cooking with the propane cooktop. It wipes clean easily, too. This gadget is a winner in an RV!

I have warped up my 20" wide Ashford Knitters Loom to weave fabric to be felted, for slippers. I plan on working on this project tomorrow. Pictures to follow!

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