Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bob's Tape Loom Project

For years I have looked at antique box looms, aka tape looms, and have wanted one. So my wonderful husband said he would build me one as soon as we were in a campground that had a workshop. Well, that time has come. Bob ordered some cherry lumber, I decided on a design, and he is building it. So far he has done the basic cutting out of the box base and the heddle.
It's not glued up or finished yet but you can see the size and shape of the loom. Next will be building the warp beam and cloth beam, with handcrafted ratchets and pawls. We are using plans that we found on the Internet as a springboard for the design for this loom, with some changes. When the loom is all finished I will go over those changes, but the basic plans are here.

Today we were not scheduled to work so while Bob was up at the shop working on my loom I was weaving. I am using Cascade 220 for warp and weft on my 20" Ashford Knitters Loom, and weaving cloth to be felted for my slipper project.
As you can see, there are some asymmetrical stripes on one side of the warp for added interest. And also because I knew I would not have quite enough of the dark blue warp yarn to go all the way across! If I don't like that after it is felted I can always use it for the soles. I'm still not sure what pattern I will use, though. There are some free ones online or I may just buy a pattern.


  1. Oh, how Blessedly BEAUTIFUL! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on both projects. What will be your first project on your box tape loom? (a belt for Bob?!!)

    1. Lol! He probably wouldn't wear a handwoven belt but I will have lots of fun making some tapes in different patterns :)