Monday, October 3, 2016

2016 HoLa Festival

We are always up for a festival, and this weekend we got to go to one. The Hola Hora Latina in Knoxville (or HoLa Festival, as it is known here) was held Sunday at Knoxville's Market Square. It was so well attended that the city's multi-story parking garage was completely full. We were fortunate to find a street parking space.

We entered Market Square, where rows of booths were set up offering food and items from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and other Spanish countries.
A band provided lively music for the enjoyment of the audience.
We were hungry but wanted to sit down to eat, so we popped in to one of the restaurants that ring Market Square. We chose Tupelo Honey Cafe and were not disappointed. There was a 45 minute waiting list for a seat but we grabbed two empty stools at the bar right away and ate our lunch there. My Black Bean Veggie Burger was the best veggie burger I've ever had, it was that good.
I found this recipe online for Tupelo Honey Cafe's Black Bean Veggie Burger and will have to give it a try. Mine had aoli sauce on it but this recipe looked good, too, and I'm sure the burger itself was the same.
While we waited for the food Bob an I amused ourselves by taking a selfie.

Later on, we walked to a bookstore and enjoyed doing a bit of browsing before heading off to the grocery store on the way home. I love going to different grocery stores in our travels. I can always find unique, regional foods that I've never seen before.

I finally got to one of the socials that are held at this campground every afternoon. This week I've been tied up with either cooking dinner or else involved in a project at 4:00. I enjoyed meeting new friends and swapping stories with them. One of the many joys of our lifestyle is meeting new like-minded people. We spent quite a bit of time talking with Harvey and Jean Heimann of Florida. Hopefully we will cross paths with them again one day.

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